My name is Felicia Bremin, I was born 1997 and I studied animation at Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg

Art is my passion and I’ve been drawing since 2008. I started to draw digitally around 2011 and 2 years later I began accepting online commissions which has turned into freelance work.

I always keep in mind to broaden my comfort zone in art, so even if one might find a majority of dragons, canines and other strange creatures in my gallery, I wont shy away from new experiences nor challenges.

4 thoughts on “About

    1. It doesn’t have a meaning per se, I used to jumble sounds together at random whenever I needed to come up with a name, and then just picked whatever sounded nice. I did the same with this username as well, and it came to be, mainly because I had to find a name on Deviantart that wasn’t already taken and felt it was better to find smth easy to remember and easy to identify. I initially would’ve gone with smth like “rema”, but that one was unavailable and I didn’t want to add numbers, or symbols in the name. So I just kept trying different iterations, and at one point mixing in a bit from my last name (Bremin) – and voilá here we are many years later, with a name I’ve been using on practically every platform I’m on.

      (In case you’re curious, 13 y/old me initially thought “drawing-wolfx3” was a good enough username – thank god I switched quite early on)

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